"Cradle to Cradle" - a mindset for design

Cradle to Cradle is a new way of thinking, conceiving, designing and producing products and all other goods.

The idea of the concept of Cradle to Cradle (C2C or Cradle 2 Cradle) goes back to 2002 to the book of the same name (subtitle : Remaking the Way We Make Things) written by the German chemist Michael Braungart and the U.S. architect William McDonough. It is a manifesto detailing how to reach their Cradle to Cradle Design model. It calls for a radical change in industry : a switch from a the current cradle-to-grave model to a cradle-to-cradle model. It exposes at the same time that the actual reduce reuse recycle methods preserves only the still common cradle-to-grave strategy. Our present cradle-to-grave model is characterized by a take (recourses) - make (products) - waste (all) - pattern, which is a limited way. This should be replaced by a system with a circulating pattern : waste should be (=) "food" (for new things/ the next generation of things). So c2C is about : - keeping ALL materials in continuous cycles, - using renewable energy only, - celebrating diversity. This desires a different design approach ! Now the design of a product is optimised for 3 things : - functionality, - beauty, - quality. In C2C design every part of the product is to bringing it back to the technical cycle of : -> manufacturing -> product use -> return -> disensamble -> manufacturing... Or into the biological cycle of : -> manufacturing -> product use -> decomposition -> biological nutrients -> manufacturing... C2C it’s about imagining we don’t use materials we borrow them instead for a wile. Cradle to Cradle design includes also two other aspects : as said, use of renewable energy only and celabrating diversity.
Cradle to Cradle is also a registered trade and service mark owned by MBDC, LLC. Cradle to Cradle Certified “CM” is a certification mark also owned by MBDC, LLC.


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