Minutes of the General Assembly of December, 14

The eighth General Assembly of the "Shadow Graphic designers" was this year a milestone for our association, because of the recruitment in mid-October of its first employee, Yves Leveque, in a position of responsible for sustainable development.

This long matured recruitment finally engages our network of freelancers in the way of creating the Coopcom scop already announced in our previous General Assembly at the end of Innovative Micro Project "Coopcom, design and eco communicate."

For the record, obstruction from end of 2013 by Pole Emploi in the creation of the two staff positions required by the project (despite successive approvals and financial support of the CRESS PACA, CR PACA, ESF, and CG13) obviously puts light wandering French policies for employment, and the incredible waste of energy and public money that may result.

More pragmatically, it also brought a cross-questioning about the viability of associative guidelines which were put on hold in spite of them for almost one year.

So it was crucial in this context to make an accurate inventory of the current situation and build the relevant activity program likely to revive the Coopcom project in 2015.

In addition to the joint Act Minutes finalized at the end of the General Assembly, this report summarizes the discussions that took place during this meeting and its preparatory work.


Implement network values by communicating responsibly at the General Assembly
It was chosen to involve all our stakeholders in this General Assembly, through a call for participation to sixty four spokespersons, active and sympathizer members, recent and new partners, as well as some qualified people likely to join associative cause.

An essential investment for us to develop transparent and consistent ethical collaborative projects, both at local and European level.

In this spirit, our call for participation included links to several documents shared on the internet and opened to contributions : 2014 Moral and Activity Report, 2015 Activity Project, update of our Charter and Internal Rules.

It was preceded by local working sessions and resulted in individual orally, telephone, mail and Skype follow-up.

Stakeholders contacted, individually or as representatives of partner organizations, were based in various parts of France, but also Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, Moldova and Turkey, a trait revealing international turning point in the activities of the association for three years and a fine challenge of distant network animation.

All these efforts helped to reshape and validate documentation upstream of the General Assembly, to clarify the nature of the association project to allow everyone to perceive the benefits and participate in conscience, and to collect confirmations of engagement, memberships, moral support and testimonials.

Finally, each of the five participants physically present in Mimet on December, 14 for the General Assembly were likely to represent three to four excused members, thing that our statutes do not allow in the current state and could earn their modification given the evolution of the network.

All these beautiful exchanges where supported during the last General Assembly by a brief sample of intercultural animations with some techniques to promote mutual presentations, book expectations, improve creativity and constructive feedback.

Reminder of the purposes and anchors of the association

Due to the lower length of service of present participants and the long road crossed in 2013-2014, it first appeared necessary to recall the fundamentals of the association.

Create equitable links in Europe
On the occasion of the round table of participants which opened the General Assembly, the debate has naturally reaffirmed the primary purpose of any association, which is obviously to "associate", ie to create links.

This principle, reiterated in our motto, invites Shadow Graphic designers to build "Fair links in Europe".

The projects supported by the association can in a first approach generate interest because of the originality of their technical topics, the exoticism of internship locations, the low subscription amounts allowed by their public grants.

But our plans are primarily motivated by a shared desire for fulfilling and formative human encounters, in an intercultural framework for experimentation with collective creations on grounds that are ours.

Give new meaning in professions of the chain of communication, resting our actions on three main thematic pillars
It is suggested that participants in our community projects, mostly professionals and students of various specialties on the communications industry, design and visual arts, collectively experiment under the first steps of a desire to act and communicate "responsibly", i.e. concerned :

- the future of the planet (ecological pillar)
- social justice (solidarity pillar)
- understanding between cultures (intercultural pillar)

The interests of our courses are ideally extended by the decision to permanently join our "European Network for Responsible Communication", and to actively support its developments.

Note that the actions taken are very different from simple short-term workshops pursuing strictly technical objectives, or within a single thematic pillars of the association.

Provide opportunities for innovative experiments on communication, design and visual arts courses
The actions organized by the association held mainly around practical and original courses related to the visual arts, graphics, design, but more generally to information and communication sciences, education or social work.

This positioning will favor the exploration of the relevance of these themes, and intimately cross-disciplinary approaches.

Favor sustainable and useful projects
The design of our community projects favors social utility and sustainability criterias, giving attention to their environmental footprint (an interpretation of the "shadow" from our name and logotype), choosing the themes and setting achievements in well identified social service needs, whether local or remote.

Local and international partnerships ideally lead to conceive projects which could be reused, developed, outlined, usually under the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Highlights of the 2014 Review

Celebrating the existing
As part of the presentation of the Activity Report, Yves recalls that the years 2013- 2014 ended a first set of European projects that have validated the Coopcom assumptions and allowed to explore the three thematic pillars promoted by the association (Green Bridges, Enough for Everyone, for Ever, Euro Actors for Environment, Insel Der Chancen ...).

He presents the brochures produced by the association to account for these actions, with a view to celebrating and disseminating good practices.

Nathalie demonstrates its participation in certain actions, and his gradual discovery of the interest of educational solutions implemented by the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture of the European Union and the Franco German Youth Office for intercultural building of the "European home".

Finding the path of hearts
Addressing the Moral Report, Yves act of alienation of the pre existing base of members and of the recovery trend memberships current 2014.

He attributes the disaffection phenomena to the evolution of associative project to more general and activists issues, the temporary withdrawal of the association of the local scene particularly in terms of graphic design operations, and to the lower activities in the past year.

The resumption of membership derives from the attractiveness of some European trips in 2014. They have also seen the emergence of difficulties about understanding the entirety of an associative project often perceived as complex, abstract, and not sufficiently engaged with the immediate concerns of some interested participants.

Everybody discussed ways to communicate the values and methods ripened within the association in recent years to gradually awaken to social issues they represent.

Yves recalls the conditions for the exercise of a communication sector often marked by individualistic, materialistic and ego-centric postures, and some results of the market research conducted as part of the micro Coopcom innovative project.

Several informal collaborations have been identified here, often crystallized around a location. It was also noted that the actors of communication professions willingly associate with environmentally, cultural or social-order initiatives in the context of voluntary actions, or in the sphere of privacy, demonstrating a real interest for these themes.

Be inspired similar initiatives
The participants in the General Assembly testified in turn examples of volunteer efforts in order to identify some of their levers :

- Our Treasurer Nathalie recounts his involvement with parents’ organizations, helping to build soothed relationships between families and educational institutions
- Lise, graphic associated with the next extracurricular activities organized by GOercn in Marseille, recalls his civic action in a collective initiating various local opinion movements through social networks
- Sophie, Accounting likely to assist in the management of the association, described his passion for horses, who was his former profession and led her to voluntarily support the work of the equestrian association to which she belongs now.

Despite their small financial scale, all of these "nano" actions are carriers of rich human values and contribute to a better social being. On the analysis , they are based of the evidence of a cause, a need, an ideal, on the charisma of actors, the existence of an either real or virtual joint place.

So many things to keep in mind to inspire new projects locally provided by the association in 2015.

Secure governance
The activities of the association, and in particular those mobilizing budgets and leading to formal report of earnings and accounts, must be accompanied by a governance ensuring legality, safety, democratic rules of shared responsibility and decision making.

The terms of this governance has been confirmed with the updating of the Charter and Internal Rules of GOercn, which reaffirmed a business model and management based on :

- a Board of Directors only legitimate decision-making, including a representative from each college, holding rights to members in proportion to their involvement and responsibilities
- the levy on the projects of a financial contribution required to sustain the functioning of the association
- the priority resort of active members fully adhering to the values carried by the association for missions

Charter, Internal Rules, two key papers enrolled in an improvement process, and valuable because they clearly pose common rules "at time T".

Election of new Board of Directors

At the end of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors of GOercn was redialed as follows:

- following the resignation of Yves Leveque, now employee, the presidency of the association is held again this year on an interim basis by Jean Marzuk, a retired engineer. The association still weaves contacts to identify a successor invested closer to its industry
- after following a few shares in 2013 and 2014 as a volunteer and learner, Nathalie Coste, Controller of the CMA CGM confirms and reinforces its commitment to the position of treasurer
- the votes of the active members designate Andreas Minder as representer for 2015. Journalist, trilingual, reliable man of conviction and disinterested, Andreas will usefully contribuate to animate the network of associations from Switzerland where he resides.
- Vincent Grangé, contract technical worker in show business, founding member of the Association Artstock (recycling and recovery of waste artistic) agrees to be the representative of partners. The Arstock association received micro innovative project together GOercn. She was part of the associations interviewed during Green Bridges study mission in 2012. She was also a partner in two Euro Actors For Environment meetings in 2013, by providing recycled materials needed for workshops.

Finally, it was unfortunately not possible to elicit the presence of sympathizer members at the General Assembly, or one intended to serve as a representative of the college Board of Directors. Work continues to mobilize this vital college.

Highlights of the 2015 Project

Yves briefly discusses the strengths of the 2015 Activity Project bet validated during the preparatory work. Specifying that it is obviously of high hypothesis, and guidelines open to new demands and opportunities.

Restart Coopcom project
The scop Coopcom will employ both associative employees is ultimately intended to address the market activities of the association (graphic missions, training, project engineering).

The revival of Coopcom project involves the identification and recruitment of a second employee and renewal of start-up support grants with the CG13 and RC PACA.

Rebalance local and European activities
The last three years were exclusively devoted to the handling of European projects and clearance educational work procedures required for the proper implementation of the thematic pillars of the association.

The associational activities are restructured in 2015 around the further development at European level and a return to local applications that perform in three ways:

- educational interventions (extracurricular, cucs, various educational partnerships ...)
- cultural events (Europe Day, digital arts seasons, Convergences event ...)
- development of responsible communication missions

Reconnect with previous members, identify new members in line with the association project
The communication plan in 2015 is to find again a local visibility and to generate new activities.

An important point is to value the benefits of associative project with its various audiences, to structure and organize a step by step welcome, to reconnect with a broader membership base.

The General Assembly is finally very symbolic fence with a sunset stroll and then around a campfire.

Let us form new year wishes for the projects discussed during this intense afternoon awaken consciences and be carriers of a beautiful participatory heat.

Please visit the GO website calendar and subscribe on our mailing list for monitoring implementation of these hopes...

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