The Blue Angel – an worldwide Eco-Label

The Blue Angel is the first and oldest label for products and services which are environment-friendly or having environment-friendly aspects.
You can say it’s almost a Brand in the world of environmental labelling.

Invented in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and the Ministers of the Environment. It see itself as a market-conform instrument designed to recognise the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary fundament.
It creates a competition for the best possible ecological properties of products (except for foods) and services. The label wants to help the economy speeding up towards a sustainable development. A
They say : "The Blue Angel succeeds when the ecologically most advantageous products have become the standard."

Today there are about 11,500 products and services in 90 product categories carrying the Blue Angel eco-label :
The Basic Award Criteria to get the Blue Angel Label, the Award process :
Publications :

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