The ÖKOPAplus label for paper products

ÖKOPAplus is a German label to mark white paper and packaging cardboard made from 100% recycled paper waste.

The ÖKOPAplus label stands for white paper and cardboard which is neither deinkced nor treated with bleach. The white surface of this products are the result of an environmental friendly surface sizing with natural products. The mark gives consumers a direction for the purchase of environmentally friendly paper products.
The certified paper ÖKOPAplus must meet the following criteria :
The paper should be made from 100 percent recycled paper, must be bleached without using chlorine or chlorine compounds, should not be chemically treated.
The dye must be of vegetable matter and should not contain solvents and the card must be bleached with natural substances such as kaolin, latex, plaster or starch.
The criteria are similar to those of brand-label Blue Angel on recycled paper.

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