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Some informations about GO ! network, testing our new automatised newsletter

As you remember, most of GO ! activities are in standby this year, due to big european "Coopcom" study, which will reorganize all our functioning through responsible communication principles (an European Union, Conseil Régional PACA and Cress PACA budget, thanks for them)

Production state of statement :

1.1 rewrited GO ! website, including :
- working in order banner (with operational random acces to our professional directory members)
- operational directory with more keywords (especially "Coopcom" one) and full name / contact access... To complete for those who wish it
- private extranet to access GO ! tools and work in progress call for proposals
- automatised newsletter

1.2 eco communication corpus (yet in private access through extranet
Glossary of technical reglementations, concepts, good practices examples to feed GO ! workshops and next call for proposals answers

1.3 first eco communication workshop sessions
- french "Coopcom" workshop, sept. 6-8, Marseille
- German step of "Euro Actors for environment" workshop, 19-25 sept, Hiddensee

We’ll test here together news eco communication contents while eco designing our next communication tool, a progresssive exhibition upon eco communication thema, who will be proposed among all french and german graphic design schools and representatives

Then we will decide together of content of GO ! Euro Actors for environment passport, allowing members to be part of next eco communication works

1.4 first call for proposal test
So we’re about trying to answer our first call for proposals

We actually prepare answer to this one, dedicated to developping exchanges and good practices among french and german social workers.

- Target budget : 25K€
- Deadline answer : sept, 1st
- Partner : VSP
- Contents proposals : documentary research, interviews, communication campain including visual identity, printed documents, resource website
with video clips

2.1 new social goals
GO ! network is about to formalize limiting its activities to non profit youngs workshops upon environmental themas

GO ! will however test answering to some call for proposals around this them untill the end of the year, preluding "Coopcom" cooperative creation

2.2 adherents
Most of GO ! members have been yet reclassified as sympathizer adherents.

They still take place in GO ! directory, now with full contact if they wish

Printed directory files are still distributed while stocks last

Future active members need now to participate next "Coopcom"/"Euro Actors" workshops and obtain Coopcom passport to take place in our next call for proposals

2.3 approached new board of directors
- Yves LEVEQUE, president. Everybody already know me...
- Nathalie COSTE, treasurer. Nathalie is cost controller at big CMA CGM shipping compagny. She’ll give informed look after our accountings and
- Frank SEELER, representant of active members. Frank is berliner, designer and was part of first Euro Actors exchange. He materialize an outstretched hand to our européean partners and embodied european dimension to our activity

These changes should happen in september, just tell us if you also want to be part of new board of directors

3.1 Frank arrival party around first september week end
Frank new active members representant will be in Marseille from september 2 to 9

We should organize an arrival party at GO ! head office

3.2 other GO ! exchanges
remember next intercultural exchanges :
- youngs tri national mobility exchange in Marseille, october, 4 to 10 with VSP and CSI partnership
- next Landscape graphic design students exchange, with BTK graphic design school partnership

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