Krakow, september 2013 : third meeting

Krakow step gave the opportunity at EEE french, german and spanish partners to discover the cultural capitale of Poland, and the multiform work of TO POLE NPO, mainly made up with young artists in several disciplines… Here’s a bit more visual overview of different steps of the meeting

We were first invited to taste the ethnographic work made around really alive polish traditional music and dance, first, through small training and party given in typical dance place…

Then we participated at « Sobie » ecological event in Krakow Contemporary Art Museum, dedicated to upcycling practices. Using clothes, old hats, but also plastic bottles and… condom. Participants tried to create new objects, and wear them in an evening party.

Guided visit through the town helped otherwise to feel the specificities of poland culture

GOercn participants, who had brought a personalized prototype of their EAFE eco exhibition structure, tested there a first draft of their creative workshop around graphic design ways to make people a bit more aware of environment.

They introduced a couple of ice breaking games using graphic, and asked to other participants to experiment a game (in progress) using mobile structure, and give advices. At the moment, the idea is to suggest people to build a balance between pieces of wood, supposed at the end to carry some self made productions related to environmental awareness

This time of free exchange was really precious not only to improve the process, but also to imagine possible connexions between each partners’ proposals.

Then came the time of discussions to finalize a collective project to be applied during spanish step of march 2014. Each partner gave the statement of his ideas, and we tried to connect them to each other.