GOercn’s official contribution to project

GO is a participative network located in Marseille agglomeration, statutorily co managed by moreless one hundred stakeholders grouped in colleges :

– Graphic design professionals
– Secondary school and students
– Leading figures of civil society
– Private individuals, active in social movement

We offer teaching workshops in visual arts, computing, environment, european citizenship, social and solidarity-based economy

Our networking values deal with honesty, responsibility, competences, investment, environment, cooperation… they are validated by good practices passport

We generally choose to work with active pedagogic methods and informal education, in an intercultural opening mind way, wishing to share and broadcast eco conception and co creative methods

We suggest several ways to be part of Grundtwig projects leaded by Theaterbundnus ze. V :

1) By being actively present during all project steps, contributing to create and broadcast ideas

2) By hosting partners from September 2013, 25 to 29 in Marseille during a ending Workshop who’ll take place in two important local events :
– “Marseillle 2013” european culture capital
– “September on sea” (local event upon see, environment and culture themes)

We’ll create during this workshop opened to a large public a pedagogic tool dedicated to art and environment awareness, part of an itinerant exhibition

Theme’s details will take shape during all steps of the project. The workshop could use :

– recycled materials coming from the sea,
– visual (graphic, video), dramatic, collective work depending on competences of each partners

It will be broadcasted on website, on creative common licence

3) By the way, by sharing the existing exhibition structure, wich could be the guiding thread of the whole project