Who we are

The Association des Graphistes de l’Ombre, European Network for Responsible Communication, was created in 2006 in Marseille.

It is a network composed of professionals from the fields of training, communication and design, which operates in a participatory democracy to promote responsible communication, which for us means :

  • conscious, benevolent and attentive
  • that respects the free will and cultural prisms of each individual,
  • socially useful, not just for profit,
  • that works to preserve the environment,
  • that promotes a sustainable and equitable society

The pedagogical added value of our creative practices gradually leads our participants towards a harmonious “living together” characterised by mutual respect, fluidity in the expression of intercultural emotions and the ability to work in a process of collective intelligence.

[Our updated statutes are still not available in English, please find them in French in the French “Who we are” page]