phandi : art of ebru (marbling) (tutorial 20)

  • Purpose: expressing current feelings and thoughts with colors and shapes, relaxation
  • Duration : 45 min. up to 1 hour.
  • Materials:
    1. Pulp paper with matte and absorbent properties,
    2. A glue called tragacanth, a vessel (prepared by putting tragacanth inside),
    3. Paints (oxide yellow, oxide red, oxide black, lahur indigo are the most used colors.),
    4. Ed; It is used to fix the colors by making them stick on the tragacanth,
    5. We; It is the material used to shape marbling,
    6. Brush.
  • Participants: Any number from the age of 16.


  • A suitable boat is found.
  • Tragacanth is placed inside the boat.
  • Tragacanth is added until the tragacanth in the trough has a suitable consistency.
  • The resulting liquid is filtered through a fine cheesecloth and cleaned.
  • By putting cattle dung in the dyes prepared in this way; It is left to wait for 15 days.
  • After the waiting process is completed, it is diluted with water at the appropriate rate and made ready for processing.

Rule :

  • All participants get one boat.
  • Soil paints in different colors are crushed to provide appropriate colors.
  • Paints prepared with the help of a brush are dropped into the water.
  • It is shaped according to what he feels at that moment or what kind of work he wants to create.
  • A paper is placed on the boat by giving the desired shape.
  • When the paper absorbs the paint sufficiently, it is slowly pulled over the boat.
  • The process is completed when the figure is printed on the paper.
  • It is important to do the operation in one go because it is done carefully.


The art of marbling is the art of harmony consisting of a mixture of colors in the marbling boat, where the artist reflects his soul and paints it on the water. The art of marbling, in which creativity and dreams are depicted, dates back to Ottoman times.

According to the daily mood of the person who makes the art of marbling, first the colors change, then the way of working… If the person is distressed, the color selection can be incompatible, or if the person is peaceful and calm, the colors of that day are in harmony this time.

When the paper is placed in water and the marbling is removed, everyone gets very excited and holds their breath. Seeing the latest version of their marbling, everyone feels relieved, relieved and rested. They see different worlds.


Autor : BOSEV