phandi : collage study (tutorial 26)

  • Purpose: Revealing feelings, self-expression
  • Duration: up to 1 hour.
  • Materials: old magazine, book, illustrated brochure, scissors, glue, blank paper
  • Participants: Any number from the age of 16.

Rule :

  • First, the participants are provided with their sessions in such a way that they can see the expert.
  • All participants are asked to close their eyes.
  • He is asked to think about what he felt while coming here.
  • They are allowed to think only with their eyes closed.
  • Then they are asked to open the eyes.
  • They are asked to cut out the pictures that appeal to their thoughts from the magazines on the tables.
  • They are asked to cut whatever they want and paste it on blank paper without any aesthetic concerns.
  • Then each participant is asked to interpret the picture they made and whether the picture expresses their thoughts.
  • Other participants are asked their thoughts about the painting.
  • Each participant is asked whether the painting expresses itself for his/her own painting.
  • At the end of the therapy, the individual is asked to give a name for the collage he has made and whether he is satisfied with the work he has made.
  • If there is a place that he is not satisfied with, a question is asked about it.
  • He is also asked where this work took him and how he felt.


The most important point of this therapy is that it reflects the situation in the mind or that the mind does not have difficulty in conveying what is constantly occupied by it.

One of the most beautiful features of this therapy is that it is free from aesthetic concerns. The individual feels more comfortable because it is not an application that he draws or paints or that the individual himself does.

It reveals your emotions better.

Autor : BOSEF