phandi : flower ornament art (tutorial 29)

  • Purpose: to express human feelings, messages, aesthetic view in harmony and cooperation with nature, to integrate his feelings with the art made.
  • Duration: at least 30 min.
  • Materials: all kinds of flowers, ribbons, tulle, grass, flower pots, glue
  • Participants: anyone of any age, any number.

Rule :

  1. First, flower selection is made.
  2. Materials are taken according to the decoration to be made later.
  3. If an ornament in the form of a bouquet is to be made, appropriate tulle and ribbons are provided.
  4. Or if a table flower is to be made, its pot or plate, grass and glue are provided.
  5. Then, decorations and arrangements are made as the person wishes.


In this therapy, people are relieved by revealing the emotions in both the flower and the ornament it makes. It provides relief, especially in patients who do not like to talk or cannot express themselves while talking, by building a bridge between their emotions and the flower they make.

The fact that it does not require any expertise and is completely personal makes it preferred.

Autor : BOSEF