phandi : reading book (tutorial 23)

  • Purpose: to reveal destructive emotions appropriately, to strengthen interpersonal skills and communication skills, to improve self-expression and self-esteem,
  • Duration: up to 1 hour.
  • Materials: BOOK
  • Participants: anyone of any age, any number.

Rule :

  • Participant group sits so that everyone can see each other.
  • 1 person from the group reads pages from the same book in turn.
  • People in the group express their thoughts on the page being read in order.
  • Everyone establishes a connection with their own life.
  • Expresses his/her own thoughts.
  • The expert occasionally asks the other participants whether they find themselves in the book being read and whether they feel the same emotions.


Reading a book allows people to find the hidden emotions they feel and integrate with the book with all the emotions they feel.

It enables to develop an appropriate and understanding perception of self and others.

Enables finding new meaning through new information, ideas and insights

New horizons, new emotions in the book reveal all the hidden feelings inside us.

Autor : BOSEV