phandi : sculpture – clay tablet (tutorial 21)

  • Purpose: self-expression, feeling, revealing feelings
  • Duration : 1- 1.5 hours.
  • Materials: clay tablet, small tools for shaping
  • Participants: Any number from the age of 14.

Rule :

• All participants sit at a table.

• It is ensured that everyone can see the expert assistant.

• First, everyone is asked what they think about how they feel and what they want to do.

• Then all the participants start making the products they want to make.

• At the end of all the studies, the participants are asked how they feel about their products.

• And in turn, they are asked what all the products mean to the other participants.

• Everyone expresses their own feelings and thoughts.

• Shaping and kneading anything by hand takes the stress out of people and causes positive changes in their emotions.


It is a therapy that reveals people’s feelings, thoughts and even the emotions that are occupied at that moment, even the emotions that they are not aware of. Mostly, people throw their feelings into themselves instead of struggling. These feelings, which we are not even aware of, tire people over time. It is possible in this therapy to shape these feelings by hand and reveal them.

At the end of this therapy;

– Whether he likes the sculpture or the product he has created,

-If he gave a name, what would his name be?

-Questions are asked whether the product that comes out has translated to your feelings at that moment.

Autor : BOSEV