phandi : writing therapy (tutorial 24)

  • Purpose: re-meaning with an expert, learning new emotions, self-expression
  • Duration: up to 1 hour.
  • Materials: Notebook, pen, paper
  • Participants: anyone of any age, any number.


  • Participants sit so that they can see the group expert.
  • The expert determines a topic.
  • Confirms whether this topic is suitable for everyone.
  • The expert reads a small article on the subject.
  • Makes a small briefing of the subject.
  • Afterwards, everyone from the group is asked to write down their thoughts and feelings on the subject.
  • After half an hour, they are asked to share the articles they wrote in order.
  • The group members are asked to interpret their writings.
  • Everyone expresses their own thoughts.


Putting your thoughts on paper helps you control your emotions. As you write, the things that gnaw at you will disperse. As you write, you will notice that you feel less anxious and less depressed.

Writing about a particular subject is seen as the key to coping with problems more easily, according to many experts.

Sometimes people write more easily about the subjects that they have difficulty in speaking. They unleash their feelings in a controlled way without the rush of making mistakes, liberating their emotions.

Autor : BOSEV