​​phandi : photography and language (tutorial 06)


  This method uses collections of photographs pre-selected according to the target audiences and with a strong symbolic charge.

  • Purpose : 
  • This mediation is very effective in circulating the word in a group.
  • It is an approach that is ideally suited for people suffering from depressive, anxiety-provoking disorders, panic attacks, lack of self-confidence, psychosomatic disorders, isolation or addiction problems.  
  • Material:
  •  Collection of Photos by chosen themes or game photo cards language
  • Duration:
  •  30 minutes to 1 hour depending on group size
  • Participants: Any age, max 20

Rules : 

The setting and the course of the photo language workshop follow a precise protocol during which the participants choose a photo that challenges them and around which they exchange with the group of participants after explaining their choice.

Comments : 


The group approach brings out what structures the individual,

that is, what surrounds it.  The other is also a projection of oneself, which can allow us to go further in the knowledge we have of ourselves.

sources : 

This is a mediation developed by Claudine Vacheret, psychologist of psychoanalytic orientation and professor at the University of Lyon 2.