Who we are

The association des Graphistes de l’Ombre (Association of shadow designers, European Network for a Responsible Communication) was created in 2006 in Marseille.
It is an open participatory network made of training, communication and design professionals, which operates in a participatory democracy by consent according to the principles described in its statutes, charter and rules of procedure.
Our name alludes to Plato’s allegory of the cavern, where men trapped in a cavern can only have a partial and distorted view of reality, through shadows projected on a wall.
We are guided by the hope of helping to move men out of their cognitive caverns, towards authentic inter-individual and social communication, characterized by empathy, global vision, distancing and the development of a critical mind.
Our commitment to environmental issues also leads us to promote responsible communication, which for us means :
– conscious, caring and attentive communication that respects the free will and cultural prisms of each individual,
– a communication of social utility, which is not solely for profit,
– communication that works to preserve the environment,
– communication promoting a sustainable and equitable society
Our actions to achieve these objectives consist of educational programs on a local to international scale, with :
– children, young people, their parents and the teachers, trainers, animators who are in charge of them,
– adults, seniors, people with disabilities,
– people who are far from employment, socio-professional workers,
– Professionals and decision-makers in charge of communication missions, both at the level of the human resources of organizations and the animation and development of communities of users within the framework of approaches contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility.
We conceive the productions, workshops, events, research, communication actions that we organize or in which we participate as interdisciplinary laboratories exploring the subject of authentic communication through verbal and non-verbal practices such as :
– the pedagogy of play,
– sociocratic circles,
– methods of collective intelligence, including the use of co-design, mental maps, writing workshops
– Marshall Rosenberg’s NonViolent Communication®,
– photolanguage® and sequential images,
– intercultural pedagogy as promoted by the Franco-German Youth Office,
As well as any other psycho-physical approach, forum theatre, theatre of the invisible, art therapy, yoga, massage, body percussion, contact dance…
The pedagogical added value of these creative practices gradually leads our participants towards a harmonious “living together” characterized by mutual respect and fluidity in the expression of intercultural emotions.
For this reason, we pay great attention to the place of multilingualism in our activities, where the working language, often English, is always complemented by the discovery of the other languages that make up the richness of Europe and the world.
The Association des Graphistes de l’Ombre is also a responsible communication agency that can participate in the elaboration of communication campaigns by accompanying the collective elaboration :
– of Social Business Plans,
– of responsible communication strategies,
– of visual identities,
– of iconography and relevant editorial and video content,
– various visual communication supports such as flyers, brochures, posters, kakemonos, websites, etc.
As well as any public relations work that brings these tools to life.
Within the framework of its European missions, these different contents can be freely made available through the royalty-free terms of use of the “Creative Commons Attribution” or “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike” licences commonly used for creative works, the “GNU Public License” and “GNU Lesser Public License” for software, or the “Open Database License” for databases, as prescribed in the Erasmus+ programme guide.
What are the activities and experience of your organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?
The few references that follow can be freely selected to justify the activities of the Graphistes de l’Ombre association that are best adapted to the themes of the partnerships envisaged.
We are at your disposal to provide additional information and to participate in the elaboration of the specific activities planned in the partnership.
All the actions that follow have used creative, participatory and intercultural approaches according to the principles described in the above section].
> France
> Ecology – Sustainable development
> Innovative micro project granted by European Social Funds and PACA Regional Council.
The Association des Graphistes de l’Ombre was one of the laureates selected by this scheme, which made it possible to carry out a survey work drawing up an inventory of good societal and environmental practices, which we then used as inspiration in the design of our new activities.
> Germany France
> Ecology – Social
> EACEA 2011/4492
This project extended the survey carried out within the framework of COOPCOM:D DESIGN AND ECO COMMUNICATE by exploring the good environmental practices of twenty social work organisations in Marseille and the Schwerin region (Mecklenburg West Pomerania).
Video interviews in French and German of each actor were conducted. A summary booklet was produced.
> Germany Spain France Poland
> Ecology – Social
> EACEA LLL Grundtvig
This multidisciplinary project (visual arts, theatre, dance, singing) has made it possible to develop active methods of raising awareness of environmental issues among disadvantaged audiences. These methods have been summarized in an educational booklet completed by a game inspired by photolangage®.
> Germany France Moldova
> nutrition – intercultural
> German-French Youth Office
This cycle of meetings allowed for a culinary approach to interculturality through the collective preparation of traditional meals and their staging in emblematic landscapes. A testimonial booklet was produced
LANDSCAPE[S] (2011-12)
> Germany France
> graphic design – environment – intercultural
> German-French Youth Office
This cycle of meetings provided a visual approach to interculturality based on the discovery of emblematic landscapes of the participating cultures. A testimonial booklet was produced
> Germany France
> design – environment – intercultural
> German-French Youth Office
This series of meetings successively proposed to design teachers and then to their students to explore different collaborative approaches to eco-design. It led to the creation of various prototypes, including an eco-exhibition structure with a low environmental impact and several booklets with testimonials.
> France
> environmental education
> City of Marseille
The association Graphistes de l’Ombre has designed three pedagogical workshops to raise environmental awareness for primary school children:
– “the small printer”: handcraft manufacture of ink and paper, pad printing, etc.
– “animated waste”: writing workshops for the creation of characters from plastic beach waste, short stories and small stop-motion clips broadcast on the internet.
– “to the discovery of a bio climatic habitat”: I educate initiating to the various components of a bio climatic habitat.
These workshops were presented to 1000 children from 30 primary schools in Marseille. A testimonial booklet was produced
> Spain France Greece Slovenia
> Integration of refugees – Social networking
> KA205 Erasmus+
This project explored different tools contributing to the integration of statutory refugees on the European territory. An original approach inspired by Local Exchange Systems (barter economy) was tested, leading to the eco-manufacturing of donation boxes.
NEE(D)T (2017)
> France Slovenia
> Social
> Erasmus+
This short internship made it possible to explore different pedagogical tools adapted to the remobilization of young people furthest away from employment.
> Spain Finland France Poland UK
> Seniors – IT – memory heritage – intergenerational
> Erasmus+
This project has made it possible to collect in an intergenerational framework the memories of senior citizens from the participating countries, and to disseminate them through quizzes broadcast on the Internet and in virtual reality.
> Spain France Greece Italy Netherlands Portugal Turkey UK
> European project engineering – social – seniors – interculturality
> Erasmus+
These cycles of meetings made it possible to support 150 successive participants in the appropriation of values, methods and tools for the effective collaborative development of European educational projects.
> Spain France Poland Slovenia
> Integration of refugees – Social entrepreneurship
> Erasmus+
This project made it possible to accompany four refugees supported peer-to-peer by four local young people in the creation and development of their craft or service activity. Online courses were produced and a crowdfunding campaign was launched to extend the action.
What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?
The association can mobilize different actors of its network according to the needs of the missions, on the following themes: communication strategies and approaches, conception-writing of texts, public relations, graphic design, illustration, photography, video, web design, web development…
The Board of Directors of the association is also composed of :
Yves LEVEQUE, 58 years old
Co-founder and president of the association des Graphistess de l’Ombre, Yves holds a master’s degree in urban planning and a master’s degree in information and communication sciences.
He has twenty years of experience in the management of cultural and social projects, and ten years of experience in European educational projects. He has been involved in all the projects mentioned above.
Yves has been a lecturer in information and communication sciences at the University of Toulon and for ten years he managed projects for integration of unemployed people through economic activity.
He is also a graphic designer and may be involved in the design or coordination of the communication component of European projects.
Pierre VALAURI, 74 years old
Treasurer of the association, Pierre Vallauri is a visual artist and pedagogue, and an active retiree.
Throughout his career, Pierre has been involved in numerous individual and group exhibitions. For several years he managed the museum of contemporary art in Châteauneuf le Rouge.
He was associated with the projects Paysage[s] and Euro Actors For Environment.
Andreas MINDER 52 years old
Andreas, a Swiss citizen, represents the college of active members on the Board of Directors.
He is a freelance journalist specialising in economic, social and sports issues who works for various sponsors in the Bern region of Switzerland.
Andreas is co-author with Robert Brügger of the book ” People and Trees: Stories from Bernese Trees”.
It has been involved in the EEA and EAFE projects.
Frank SEELER, 58 years old
Frank represents the college of sympathising members on the Board of Directors.
He is a Berlin product designer who teaches at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.
He has been involved in the projects Coopcom: Design and Eco Communicate, EAFE and Green Bridges.