Com’ workshops for community project leaders

Many project leaders are wondering about the most effective ways to get in touch with their communities

  • to interest them in joining the activities offered
  • to retain them
  • to justify good participation rates to their public financiers

While having heard about the fundamentals of communication (visual identity, graphic charter, communication strategy and plan, media specifications, etc.), they struggle to implement them, and find themselves caught in logic of overload discontinuous work and communication, therefore less effective

In our communication workshops, we offer you breathing time to calmly take stock of your situation.

  • you come with your documents and supports
  • you fill out our evaluation tools
  • you identify your strengths and those to improve
  • you calibrate the means required to meet your needs
  • you look at the gaps between these means and those that you can bring together

We discuss this quietly, one-on-one and collectively.

In the light of more than fifteen years of international experience in the Erasmus program, we talk to you about how to earn points in public calls for tenders – and with your conscience – by writing projects committing to the principles responsible communication (ecological, supportive and social, intercultural)

Action co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union