Isabelle NODENOT




After spending 25 years in Belgium, I recently returned to my native Provence.

Art therapist since 2014, festival production manager, Land Art animator and, more recently, Office Manager in the European quarter of Brussels.
Office Manager in the European quarter of Brussels and actress in my early days, my career has been
my career path is atypical and it’s become a habit of mine to wear many hats.

Giving people access to their creativity – in all its forms – is at the heart of my teaching concerns.

For me, artistic media are the keys that open the doors to personal expression and self-knowledge.
self-knowledge, enabling you to access your own resources and take charge of your life once again.

Les outils d’Intelligence Collective et la CNV auxquels je suis initiée sont tout aussi précieux pour moi
dans mes collaborations avec diverses associations sur des projets, qu’en introduction d’un nouveau mode
relationnel avec mes participants.

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