Enough for Everyone : partner meeting in Berlin

Second meeting in Berlin was mostly turned towards concrete organization of Barcelona’s step contents (jan 2014).

After short presentation of relaxing technics like Erickson hypnosis, and warm up through automatic writing, each partner expressed what he intented to develop for next meeting un march.

Several tracks were discussed, among them possibilities to use muppets used by all partners as actors of a small theater scenes, resort to plastic bags as a red line between each workshop, and use the totem previously created by GOercn as signage system.

So the workshop by themselves could concern theater muppets, explanation of new system of interpretation of ecological problems, practical trainings around agriculture, cooking and relaxing methods… concerning GOercn, the following of the previous graphic design workshop was tested during this period : a classical cut paste magazine pictures orientated toward ecological theme with the request to express a feeling through some random key words.