enough for everyone : partner meeting in Berlin

After usual ice breakers and individual crossed presentation, each participant of EEE project introduced his national structure, upon birth, aim, membership and possible future topics (October 2012).

This gave this opportunity to compare four quite different collective practices, whom it’s possible to classify upon nature of relationship between members, and specific place it’s anchored in.

PIC project (S) was built around organising a squat, and progressively adding collective garden and any kind of free workshops, from dance contact to permaculture, strongly linked to Barcelone citizens

Theaterbundnis (D) history also started near to a common working place, which catalyze ideas and energies, where projects are hosted and feed his area (especially with a street theater festival)

Topoles (P) group of close friends first developed several local projects among traditional culture, music and dance, then went to international goals including environmental awareness

Communication consultants of GO network (F) developed NPO and completely virtual relationship to answer together to private and public call for proposals, delegating most of the work to some resource persons. From this quite utilitarian purpose, the network had recently the opportunity to develop and share environmental process

All this projects are completely precarious, depending on some invested and passionate persons good willing.

Further this first round table, came the time to go deeper in common productions each national participant was supposed to be part of

Next visits’ dates and collective process were planned for following step, in order to allow each host to introduce practices and add a part of his own competences in the production

It was agreed it was not possible yet to clearly define this one, as it was first meeting and open creative process, but that may’s french step main purpose will be to build some skills of possible porductions