phandi : body maps (tutorial 13 – VR)

Purpose : self-centered, body storytelling

Duration : 45 min.

Materials : white big sheets paper, oil pastels, colors, music.

Participants : any age, any number (better pairs)

Rule :

  • Divide into pairs. Couples can form randomly, or according to some parameters: same favorite color, same month of birth, same favorite dish, etc, and choose colors and two sheet of paper.
  • The pairs are distributed in space, and take up a precise space to act.
  • In the couple, a person lies down on the sheet, freely choosing and assuming a position, inhabiting the sheet as if it were a real space.
  • The other person traces the outline, trying to respect its shape as much as possible.
  • Change the role.
  • At the end there will be two shapes, and everyone takes the sheet with their own shape starting a personal work, adding words corresponding to individual parts of the drawn shape, inside or outside of it. Each word tells a thought, a story, a linked memory to that part of the body.

Comments :

I think that this practise could be a metaphor of a vital space. It serves us to track the edge of our identity: what is mine and what is not mine, enrich it with the symbolic dimension that is part of the emotional and perceptive world of the person. Reconnect the imagination with your body, bring out dormant memories, tell about themselves starting from the body point of view.

To go farther :

Various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela