phandi : community connection (tutorial 17)

I tried crying with my hands

  • Purpose : Create community, reconnect with the community. Closing the path completed.
  • Duration : 2 days 
  • Materials : camera, pc, sheets, pens, music, a big room for dance
  • Participants : any number, from 11 years old

Rule :

  • This practice is divided into two parts.
  • First one. This practice begins on the street, everyone has to have a camera or a smartphone to take picture. Organize a research route through the streets of the city in which to photograph particular evocative writings or images, messages left on the walls, or murals, or more simply take a picture of anything that strikes the imagination.
  • Go back to the room and, reviewing the photos, asking the participants to choose a picture, or more than one, that could symbolicaly inspire a theme on which to make a dance improvisation. The images has to evoke a gesture, a small dance, a body shape. 
  • After this body experience, ask the participants to give a title to their little dance improvisation. Put all the titles together  to create a collective story and which closes the journey undertaken together.

Comments :

Take collective action after a path lived together, an action that makes the group even more cohesive, that creates a bond based on a shared experience, makes this bond stronger and the experience unforgettable. 

Being able to create a story together creates a sense of belonging. The union of the individual stories creates an indissoluble and powerful weave, creates community.

To go farther :

Various music, various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints. 

Make a public performance.

Sources :

Post-modern dance

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela