phandi: laugh yoga (tutorial 07)

This collective workshop aims at energizing body and soul thanks to some really simple laughing exercises

  • Purpose : energize
  • Duration : 30’
  • Materials : comfortable clothes, gym mat
  • Participants : over five, at least five

Laugh yoga is a technique invented by …

Technically speaking, laughing is a mechanic process associating contractions of the diaphragm, the lungs, the throat, and the mouth

We don’t need a joke or something funny to laugh, it can also just be considered as an inner exercise stimulated by some injunctions

About benefits

According neuro sciences, it’s now proved that laughing ideally half an hour produces happiness hormones

  1. The animator asks the participants to follow four rules :
  • be silent
  • listen to the limits of their body
  • ho ho ha ha ha breaks
  • enjoy !
  1. Then around ten 30” long laughs are proposed
  • put on our laugh sunglasses 1. hold one branch 2. the other 3. put on the glasses
  • taking our laugh suitcase 1. hold the handle 2. carry the suitcase 3. walk
  • enter the laugh car 1. hold the handle, 2. open the door 3. seat
  • starting the laugh car 1. hold the key 2. enter the key 3. turn it to start
  • driving the laugh car 1. hold the steering wheel with one hand, 2. the other, 3. drive
  • fill the tank with laugh
  • take a laugh hitchhiker
  • having a bath of laughs
  • dressing with laugh clothes
  • drinking a good laughing beer (or any other drink) a last step, the animator offers to lie for a while on the gym mat