phandi : leading and following (tutorial 12)

  • Purpose : tuning and active listening, leading and following, manage leadership.
  • Duration : 15 to 20 min.
  • Materials : white big sheets of paper, oil pastels, scotch tape, music.
  • Participants : any age, any number .

Rule :

  • Form a group of 3 people. Choose who starts being the leader. The other 2 persons will follow. Everyone will take turns leading, the facilitator will tell when to change leader. 
  • The trio are distributed in space, and take up a precise place to act, where stick the sheet to the floor with the scotch tape.
  • Starting from the same point on the paper, freely draw parallel lines going in the same direction, using stops, accelerations, slowdowns, leaps, accents, and changing the intensity of the sign. The little group follow the will of the leader, without ever detaching the color from the sheet.
  • After letting everyone play the role of leader, now the facilitator will no longer be declared it, but the trio will have to self-regulate by negotiating the role of leader without talking, but listening to what happens.
  • Do the same experience of leading and following in turns, and then without declaring it, through a free movement in the space, always in trio.

Comments :

Using the medium of the graphic sign, participants could immediately and better understand what means listen actively to eachother, both in terms of task and when it is left to a free choice, linked to a negotiation process.

To go farther :

Various music, various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints 

Sources :

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela