phandi : moviment by chance operating (tutorial 14)

  • Purpose : letting oneself be guided by a stimulus, reworking it expressively, and transforming its meaning.
  • Duration : 45 min. to 1 hour.
  • Materials : white big sheets paper A3, oil pastels, colors, music, little container, little piece of sheet.
  • Participants : any number, from 16 years old.

Rule :

  • The group is seated in a large circle.
  • In turn, everyone gets up and goes into the circle, choosing the space to occupy within it, and assumes a position linked to the word they have extracted, interpreting it freely.
  • Each member of the group takes a color and a little sheet of paper, from the little container, with a word written on it.
  • The task will be to move according to the quality of movement that the extracted word suggests, with the free choice to change and transform the meaning of the word through the movement.
  • The others who are seated around the circle take some time to observe attentively, and whoever wants with color can trace on a sheet they have signs that correspond to the qualities of the movement observed.
  • The person who is moving could be influenced by what see drawn on the paper around the circle.
  • Each person has a time of music they can use. Everyone can enter the circle when they feel the time is right.

Comments :

Having the possibility to investigate our inner world starting from something that does not seem to belong to us, and then discovering affinities, links with the whole range of emotions, actions, even the link with objects or qualities, I think is an exercise that makes us more aware of reality. The gaze of the others could transform, and we can still modify their feedback on us, in a continuous feedback with the possibility of transforming our approach to reality, in this continuous dialogue between inside and outside.

To go farther :

Various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints. Words can be linked to objects, emotions, actions. Opening a discussion on a theoretical / philosophical level, would be really nice

Source :

Chance operating / John Cage and Merce Cunningham

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela