phandi : painting theraphy (tutorial 18)


  • Purpose: To find oneself based on thoughts, to express the emotion in a meaningful way and to transform its meaning.
  • Duration : 45 min. up to 1 hour.
  • Materials: white large sheets of paper A4 or A5, Pencil, Colored Crayons
  • Participants: anyone of any age, any number.


  1. Ask the participants to take any paper.
  2. They are asked to draw any figure that comes from within on this paper.
  3. It can be any shape.
  4. It can be any abstract drawing.
  5. In this therapy, painting should not be concerned with making a beautiful painting or comparing it to an image, the painting should be completely personal.
  6. All of the group are expected to finish their pictures.
  7. Those who have finished the picture are asked to describe what they want to tell in these pictures, what they think, and every detail that comforts them in this picture.
  8. Other participants are asked to describe their views and thoughts on the person expressing themselves.
  9. The person making the painting is asked to explain whether he agrees with these thoughts and how that thought makes him or her feel.
  10. They are asked to repeat such activities every day.


With this therapy, most people paint the problems, illnesses and emotions that they cannot explain, and they relax by confronting the problems they cannot cope with and throw into them.

In this therapy, they are provided to relax and discover themselves with this branch of art, where they can express themselves especially when words are insufficient.

People with many diseases, especially those who are treated for neurological and psychological disorders, make important progress in regaining their health with painting therapy.

Autor : BOSEF