phandi : passive music therapy (tutorial 19)

Purpose: gaining self-confidence with an intermediary, providing the expression of feelings, providing the expression of feelings

Duration : 40-50 MINUTES

Materials: Any instrument,

Participants: Any number from 18 years of age.

Rule :

• Everyone in the group sits where they feel comfortable.

• In passive therapy, the person is listened to music.

a- Pure and authentic music is chosen at a level that the participants can understand.

b-Participants are given a concert for a certain period of time.

3-After the music is over, the participant is asked to say what he feels and which emotions the music evokes.

4- The other participants in the group are discussed about the issues such as what impression the music leaves on them and what feelings it evokes.

How people feel at that moment,

If they could give a name, what would they like the name of this music or concert to be,

Questions such as where he/she feels while listening to the music are asked.


This application analyzes the problems, needs, emotional states, social, physical, psychological status, tastes of the people participating in the therapy.

Autor : BOSEF