phandi : poem (tutorial 22)

  • Purpose: Expressing oneself, identifying, improving self-esteem by guiding a stimulus,
  • Duration : 45 min. up to 1 hour.
  • Materials: white large sheets of paper A5, small piece of paper, pencil
  • Participants: anyone of any age, any number.

Rule :

  • The whole group sits facing each other.
  • In turn, everyone reads a poem they like.
  • Everyone who listens to the poem writes down the feelings they feel about the poem on a piece of paper.
  • Or when the poem is over, everyone takes turns expressing the feelings they feel or the memories they remind.


Integrating a poem that does not belong to us with a feeling that belongs to us, then understanding the feelings of the people around us.

With these poetry teachings, we find the opportunity to transform the suppressed anger or pain that remains within us, or the memories that give us hopelessness.

People find parts of themselves in the artistic structure of the works or are encouraged by the expert.

Autor : BOSEV