phandi : revival with active music (tutorial 25)

  • Purpose: gaining self-confidence with an intermediary, providing the expression of feelings, expressing oneself
  • Duration: 40-50 MINUTES
  • Materials: Pages with any instrument, microphone and lyrics or notes
  • Participants: Anyone over 18, any number.


In active therapy, the participant is asked to make music themselves. In this sense, the process is carried out together with the person, involving playing any instrument, singing, or both.

  • Each participant from the group is asked to choose the material they want.
  • They take any instrument and sheets with musical notes.
  • If they prefer to sing, they take the microphone and lyrics, if available.
  • They are asked to sing and play the instrument as they feel.


Music can significantly increase an individual’s excitement for life. It invigorates, relaxes, calms, and enriches the individual. Many people can express themselves better with music and reveal their emotional states through it.

Music therapies have been practiced for centuries and are among the oldest known therapies. In Ottoman history, music concerts were used successfully for many years, especially in patients with psychological disorders.

Autor : BOSEV