phandi : tracing portraits (tutorial 11 – VR)

  • Purpose : develop observation and listening skills , allow to be seen and told.
  • Duration : 20 min.
  • Materials : white sheets paper A3, oil pastels, music.
  • Participants : any age, any number (better pairs)

Rule :

  • Divide into pairs. Couples can form randomly, or according to some parameters: same favorite color, same month of birth, same favorite dish, etc.
  • The pairs are distributed in space, and take up a precise space to act.
  • In the couple, one person moves freely (mover) while the other watches and draws (paiter). Who draws sits on the ground (if possible) and has an A3 sheet in front of, must never take the eyes off the mover, which must be carefully observed, and must never take the color off the sheet on which is drawing: the trace must be continuous.
  • Change the role.
  • Feedback: in the end the result will be a moving portrait of the mover. The couple will be able to discuss the experience they have just lived: the mover will be able to study his portrait and take the most interesting parts of it and extract a own personal story, and the painter could choose what in the mover’s movement seems important to tell.

Comments :

I find this practise can help a healthy narcissism, the need to be seen, one of the basic needs of human beings. I find useful to practice it after an initial moment, in which there is a need to tell more about themself in a profound way, but still mediated by an expressive/creative filter.

To go farther :

Various music, various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints 

Sources :

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela