phandi : the wheel of emotions (tutorial 02)

  • Purpose: Develop and perceive one’s feelings and emotions through words and colors
  • Material : A list of emotions,an empty wheel of emotions: create it yourself using a compass and gray pencil. You can adapt the number of colors,Colored pencils/markers, a compass
  • Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Participants number: 5 to 10

Draw a circle around 4 to 10 segments


  • First ask the persons to choose a specific number of emotions, from 4 to 10, from the list of emotions that you are proposing. He must have chosen negative emotions, and other positive ones, those that resonate the most .
  • Ask them to note these emotions next to each segment of the empty color wheel.
  • Then ask them to think about the color that best represents each of these emotions.
  • Once the wheel has been made. It is time to initiate a dialogue on the feelings of the person.
  • Does anything stand out for you in particular about this color wheel?
  • Why did you choose this color to represent these emotions?
  • Why did you link this color and these emotion?
  • Does this emotions  concern your life ?


LIST OF EMOTIONS (everyone is free to add their own emotions)


Affection Love Happiness Calmness Ardent Tenderness Adventurous Calm Captivated Centered Warm Colorful Fulfilled Concentrated Concerned Confident Comfortable Courageous Relaxed Curious Delivered Detached Relaxed Determined Disposed Funny Amazed Dazzled Cheerful Excited Amazed Moved Enchanted 


 Devastated Apathetic Hurt Torn Discouraged Demoralized Demotivated Overwhelmed Helpless Baffled Depressed Uncomfortable Unhappy Melancholy Morose Heartbroken Nonchalant Idle Withdrawn Softened Pained Torn Tormented Suffering Worried Alone Emptied 


 Distraught Alarmed Anxious  Feared Shocked Blocked Confused Fearful Detached Unsettled Distraught Distant Frightened Ashamed Horrified Worried Distrustful Mortified Panicked Perplexed Concerned Skeptical 


Appalled Disconcerted Uptight Disconcerted Disgusted Annoyed Enraged Envious Exasperated Exasperated Enraged Frustrated Furious Grumpy Hateful Bewildered Irritated Jealous Nervous


The important thing is to keep in mind that there is no right answer : the colors are simply a support to put the person in confidence and initiate a reflection on their feelings. 

The Wheel of Emotions will tell us if this vague  answer hides problems or not. 

It is also an ideal exercise for elderly person/children who by definition find it more difficult to verbally express their feelings and emotions, particularly their negative emotions.