Coopcom Care – Padova : programme and registration

“Caring for oneself and others, towards fulfilling relationships at work” – study tour on health at work in Europe

The COOPCOM courses offer a practical introduction to the engineering of Erasmus+ educational projects applied to different work themes.The COOPCOM CARE cycle aims to address the topic of health at work, and to explore how this topic can be integrated into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies at the European level.

It follows on from previous sessions devoted to the reception of refugees in Europe (COOPCOM REFUGEES), active ageing (COOPCOM SENIORS), or the emergence of green jobs (COOPCOM GREEN JOBS, in progress).

Particular attention will be paid during the first mobility in Padua to the values and practices of the cooperative world in this field.

80% of the training will be conducted in French. Interpreting provided. To facilitate exchanges with partners, Italian or English is a plus.


  • employees wishing to have their sending structures access to Erasmus+ funding
  • managers wishing to integrate health and well-being approaches into their CSR policies
  • facilitators wishing to deepen their practice of the active teaching methods promoted by the European Union
  • individuals interested in exploring the theme of health at work, and more generally Europe in all its intercultural diversity


The course will take place in different places in Padua, city of art and culture, European Capital of Volunteering 2020, with a strong cooperative fabric

Summary content

  • the cooperative model in the face of work-related pathologies: 4 hours
  • body psychology to the rescue of health at work: 8 hours
  • Erasmus+, open up! 12 hours
  • visits, meetings, free time: 6 hours

Detailed programme


In this module we will meet the psychologists and mediators of the Orizzonti cooperative, which has been providing services for the inclusion of migrants and urban social development since 2003.

Thanks to Fabio and Valentina, consulting psychologists at Orizzonti, we will get an overview of the pathologies likely to be encountered in the world of work, and by extension in any social life.

A few field visits to the social district of Arcella will allow us to discover how this theme is taken into account by the Italian cooperative network, and to engage in a debate.


This module, led by Isabelle, a wellness massage trainer and ashtanga yoga teacher in the Sophia Antipolis region, will allow participants to experiment with different body-psychological techniques to offer solutions to the psychological fragilities that we can all suffer from in the course of our life paths, at work and beyond.

Discovery workshops in gentle yoga, meditative walking, self-massage and breathing techniques will allow participants to practice reducing their tensions, refocusing their energies and preserving their inner peace.

While respecting the physical conditions and emotional capacities of each participant, short individual demonstrations of chair massage will be offered to help participants discover the benefits of this technique that is gradually being adopted by the business world.


In parallel to modules 1 and 2, we will explore together in an interactive and playful way with Yves, Erasmus+ developer and member of the National Consultation Committee of the Erasmus France National Agency, the complex architecture of the Erasmus+ programme

We will share our visions, needs and strategies related to the theme of health at work in the respect of the modalities of active pedagogy which underlie this programme.

We will mobilise our collective intelligence to imagine together a proposal for action to be completed with our successive host partners of the next COOPCARE* stages with a view to submitting it during a future Erasmus+ call for applications

*Second stage of COOPCOM CARE in Valencia (Spain) in October 2022

Fees* Individuals

  • Individuals: 100€ (Possibility of volunteering and/or solidarity rate, please contact us)
  • Employees: 250€ (please contact us)
  • CSR support: please contact us

*Prices include an individual massage session on a chair of a different size.

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses*.

These expenses will be reimbursed on presentation of receipts up to the following budgets:

  • Transport 275€/participant (traveling days May, 21th and 27th)
  • Accommodation and meals 340€/ group of four participants

*Grouped transport and accommodation solutions are available, please contact us


To apply, please fill in the following form:


  • Yves 06 81 60 79 20
  • follow the news of the preparatory work on the Facebook page of the Graphistes de l’Ombre
  • collective information on 19 April at 6pm at the Maison de Provence Jeunesse et Sport


  • Orizzonti cooperative
  • Alliance Française de Padoue

COOPCOM, European projects, step by step – an initiative of Graphistes de l’Ombre, European Network for Responsible Communication, Erasmus+ accredited adult education centre

project n°2021-1-FR01-KA121-ADU-000009369 co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union