phandi : final online event


Indicative planning

9am – Workshop 1 – PHOTO LANGUAGE – Laurie Roja, trainer, Domoloisirs

How to Relax through pictures

11am – workshop 2 – DANCE THERAPY – Manuela Lops, dance movement therapist, Petit Pas

How to Move your body for a better health

3pm – Workshop 3 – MOVEMENT THERAPY – Dr Ayşe Vatansever, physiotherapist, EGE University [to be confirmed]

How some simple movements accompanied with music are used for patients rehabilitation in the Izmir Hospital

5pm – Workshop 4 – YOGA ON CHAIR – Yves Leveque, Domoloisirs

What to do to relax when you just have a small room and a chair ?

7pm – DEMONSTRATION VR and PHANDI app – Dr Cem Güzeloğlu, EGE University [to be confirmed] and Abder Ben Hadj Boubaker, Domoloisirs

Demonstration of the benefits of full 360° immersive Virtual Reality