phandi : partner meeting in Marseille

Seven representatives of the project partners (associations Domoloisirs (FR) and Petit Pas (IT), foundation BOSEV (TK)) met for five days in Marseille to take stock of the progress of documentary research and local workshops of the PHANDI project

Thirty good practices intended to feed the project’s psychological first aid kit have already been collected and have begun to be tested in Marseille, Trani and Ankara.

Among them, three workshops on emotional expression centred on drawing were experienced during the meeting:

  • emotional centering and developing presence in the moment through mandala drawing (Yves)
  • exploration of the parts of oneself through the exercise of the wheel of emotions (Laurie)
  • collective portrait drawing in movement, which introduced the more physical practices planned for the Italian stage of the project (Manuela)

The Turkish partner reported on his important documentary work on the emergence of art therapy in psychiatry.

He spoke about the importance of the reception environment through two mini culinary and floral workshops

The highlight of the meeting was the field visit of the gardening workshop proposed by the cultural centre 3bisf within the Montperin Hospital in Aix en Provence, in which we were able to participate, and the discussion that followed with Jasmine Ebert, director of 3bisf.

The notions of relationship to time, space of freedom, framework, respective importance of the process and the result, the constraints specific to the medical body and the hospital institution were able to be the subject of an intercultural debate giving new insights to the investigations of the project and to the name art therapy.

These debates were followed by inspiring visits and meetings with people who had taken part in the local workshops organised by Domoloisirs before the meeting.

Project stages and results visible on the Domoloisirs Facebook page