Protect Yourself : C1 in Elche, “about inner and outer ecology”

First part of the French contribution, about the fundamental principle that we cannot separate these both sides of ecology

Part 1 : profession of faith of the speaker

I am Isabelle Fornasari, massage practitioner and trainer, and yoga teacher.

Sensitised to the environmental cause, I also defend the animal cause. I stopped eating meat and fish the day I realised that animals also had a conscience and felt emotions. 3 million animals are slaughtered every day in the world. The way they are fed in intensive livestock operations has a significant impact on greenhouse gases and climate.

In short: How can we change our lifestyle and consumption habits?

It requires an awareness. A better self-knowledge is also about understanding oneself and the world around us through an inner ecology

What is it? It’s a parallel between respect for nature and self-respect.

A rich and healthy land, allowing a healthy and abundant production, presupposes an intense and diversified biological activity, both mineral and vegetable (ground cover, green fertilizers, decomposing materials ) and animal.(manure, earthworms and many insects working to decompose these inputs).

If we consider the human being as an ecosystem, it means that all the functions that compose it must be respected, preserved either: physical, energetic, sexual and spiritual abilities.

Honor his body, respect it just like we have to do with our Earth.

Be aware of the state of our thoughts that can be polluting for our body.

Emotions such as hate, fear, anger… We can transform them through Mindful meditation 

Part 2 : workshop about mindful meditation

We will experience a meditation on the state of our presence by connecting to our bodily sensations

In this purpose, I invite you to experiment these simple exercises about meditation and body Awakening, keeping in mind these basic principles :

  • the self is the stage
  • the senses are the spectators 
  • the body is the ritual oblation

Shiva Sutra… Let ‘s meditate !

Part 3 : Tutorial