Protect Yourself : C3 in Eger, feedback of the last training of the project

The participants of the project “Protect Yourself – cooperation mechanism to protect the environment” met for the third and last time in Eger, Hungary, from May 3rd to 7th, in order to share new good practices related to environmental awareness, and to debrief the evolution of their researches and disseminations

Welcomed by Attila and its association Kreateam, in this beautiful medium sized harmonious and peaceful town, we had the opportunity to discover and experiment once again how serious games can contribute in the environmental awareness. We had a close look at the games library of the public library welcoming us

Thanks to Atila Luca and all the team, we entered in some more strategical visions about our dissemination tasks, exchanging about target groups, strategies and psychology of users (attitudes, norms, behaviours).

As an application, we tried to share some news about the mobility and the project on our social media