Protect Yourself : C2 in Marseille, “training gentle yoga”

First part of the French contribution, or how to use psycho corporal practices to raise environmental awareness

Part 1 : profession of faith of the speaker

Before starting the practice of ASHTANGA YOGA :

YOGA is not just stretching, it is an inner experience to be lived. Three things are important, we call it Tristana in Sanskrit :

  • Breath and Movement Synchronicity (vinyasa and asana)
  • Bandhas
  • Drishti

These three things things allow to link the movement to the breath, which means lock/seal and directing the gaze to a point of concentration.

They will allow you to keep the mind focused during the practice so that you can be more present in your practice with your gaze directed to a precise point all the time.

The breathing and the bandhas will accompany you towards more lightness in your movements and postures.

Part 2 : workshop about gentle yoga