Interest: Health and well being, Yoga and Massage

Skills : Training , Creative playway technique, Strong interpersonal communication

Motivation : To work in cultural and intercultural environment. I value Environmental, Societal and Intercultural values of the organization because I believes we can alleviate and educate people through moral  values

I feel committed to the same values as the association, particularly in terms of the awareness, benevolence and attention that I bring to my way of being and doing things.

Respect for the environment, inner and outer ecology. I love to animate and participate in intercultural training workshops related to the themes of human health and the preservation of the planet.

Whether in Italy, Spain, Sardinia, each activity in which I participated enriched me on a personal level through the discovery of new creative, playful and physical methods as in Alicante, Sardinia …

Having organised a conscious walk in Italy which was almost improvised, to participate, to co-organise a walking circuit over several days, this is also close to my heart…

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Website: https://isamassage.com


FB: isamassage&Personnal