Laurie ROJA

Interest: Educations, Working with Children & Youth

Skills : Training , Creative playway technique, Strong interpersonal communication

Motivation : To work in cultural and intercultural environment. I value Environmental, Societal and Intercultural values of the organization because I believes we can alleviate and educate people through moral  values

Passing on knowledge is at the heart of the different roles I’ve been playing for over ten years.

I started at first as a bookseller, then as a guide and lecturer, as a leader in camps and summer camps, as an educational assistant and as a project manager for associations, I’ve worked in a wide range of fields, in both French and English.

Being open to others in a respectful and caring way, and wanting to help people discover different cultures while promoting living together are just some of the things I have in common with all these missions.

I am trained in Montessori pedagogy since 2019, and then in NVC, I particularly support children in developing their independence and learning in a setting that encourages them to flourish.

Working hand in hand with the teams in charge of their education or leisure, I defend the notion of inspiring by example.

My varied career has enabled me to put my vision of alternative education into practice, and I want to bring to Graphistes de l’ombre my positive outlook on a daily basis and all the knowledge I’ve gained from my previous experiences.

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