phandi : surrounding lines and shapes (tutorial 15 – VR)

  • Purpose: work on group presence and attunement
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Materials: white sheets paper A3, oil pastels, music,
  • Participants: any number, from 15 years old

Rule :

  • After a short initial body warm-up, ask everyone in the group to choose a particular point of view in the room where we are gathered.
  • After a few minutes of observation, ask everyone to draw on a sheet of paper the fundamental lines and shapes they have identified in the observation.
  • Putting the sheets aside, the group starts a dance improvisation session, in which to resume the lines and shapes identified in the movement, even the dynamics of movement noticed by the objects in the room.
  • In group danced improvisation it is possible to reciprocally copy movements, trying to tune into the prevailing ones that emerge from the dance from time to time, trying to create a collective dance with the common elements taken from the surrounding space.

Comments :

The observation of the surrounding space and the possibility of being in tune with this space are the basis of all our life experiences. Sometimes we simply forget how important it is to connect with the present, which basically means being totally present and feeling welcomed and participating in the place where we live.

Working with the body in motion, after having carried out a more cognitive activity, such as analysis through the graphic sign, more linked to pure and simple observation, lead us to tune our presence with greater strength, especially if in space and observation we also introduce the presence of other people who are acting with us, in the same space, at the time.

To go farther :

Various music, various specifications from totally free expression to different specific constraints.

Create a choreography with improvisation element.

Sources :

Post-modern dance

Autor : Petit Pas, Manuela