phandi : photo therapy (tutorial 05)

This activity is practiced individually in five steps.

As it goes visually in the intimacy of the protagonist, it has to be especially set from the beginning that the results remain private (except with written agreement).

First meeting: Identify feelings and needs through a dialogue led following the principles of NVC empathic listening.

Instill confidence and start some creative plans to be started in the next step.

Clarify the point that the purpose is to get reconciled with the self-esteem and image of the protagonist, and the use of these materials.

Second meeting: Set a confident and joyful climate and start a black and white shooting of the protagonist, led by him/her, while expressing in different ways feelings, state of mind, fears, joys. The objective of this session is to “know how to identify oneself through postures.”

At the end of this meeting, a personal work to do at home will be suggested to the protagonist based on what he/she expressed during the shooting session.

Third meeting: The animator and protagonist put words together on the shadow and light areas picture during the previous session.

The objective is to accompany the evolution to dare the protagonist to be him/herself by changing his/her outlook.

Fourth meeting: Second shooting on a theme commonly agreed, like laughter, derision, meditation, connection…

The objective is to play with the different feelings that invite the protagonist to gain confidence in him/herself, or at least to feel a bit closer to his/her own limits.

This session will valorize his/her image and build a balance sheet to understand that his/her defects can be transformed into qualities.

Fifth meeting:

Re-discovery of all the photos taken during the meetings.

Expression about the evolution of the feelings of the protagonist.

Personalized assessment of his/her image.