Interest: Working with children & youth on Skill Development i.e. life skills, education, developing life skills, civic engagement and spreading democratic values , and supporting people to assist in generating livelihood opportunities.

Skills : Training , Coordination and Management of the Erasmus projects , proposal writing , research, 

Motivation: I always wanted to  get involved in non profit, civic engagement. Thanks to Graphistes des l’ombre, where i can play crucial role working with the community. I believe in the environmental, Societal and intercultural values of the organization because we can alleviate and educate people by working on different projects that are inclined toward this values.

I have working experience since 2015. I am also a Project officer for Erasmus+ projects and PhD student in social innovation and civic engagement, I have participated in more than 22 Erasmus+ projects as researcher and
technician since 2018.

My main interests are in the filed of training and education, where I have developed my
professional career over the past 8 years: developing and testing several training programs in
very diverse fields of education.

My current research activities in the field of social innovation and civic engagement represent
an opportunity to test new methodologies in very diverse projects from youth to adult learners
and seek the way to empower them to advance in their learning path.

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