I have been living in Italy, in Padua, for almost 20 years and I have been running the association “Alliance Française de Padoue” (AF) since 2018. The missions of developing French, French-speaking cultures and local heritage in French stimulate my creativity and also offer me great opportunities for partnerships and collaborations to develop a better well-being among teachers, trainers and students of foreign languages. It is also a great opportunity to develop new projects and give them visibility. I am convinced that GO, DOMO and AF can work in synergy to pursue their positive and constructive missions.

The soil and natural fertilisers that sustain me:

Seduced by the musicality of the Italian language, I was excited to discover that the musicality of French also exerted a very strong aesthetic attraction to foreign students. After my studies in Italian, my university career in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) led me to discover the verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction and integration. Thanks to this method, it is possible to make foreign learners experience the joy of speaking French and to guarantee them quality pronunciation and effective communication, both orally and in writing!

I then had the pleasure of deepening my two passions for Italian-speaking and the teaching of French pronunciation during my double research doctorate in Language Sciences (University of Toulouse) and in Cognitive Sciences (University of Padua, Italy).

My 20 years of research activities and experience as a teacher-trainer of French as a foreign language to various audiences allow me to adapt my teaching and training to the evolution of institutional and human needs. I seek the most effective, stimulating and enjoyable ways of nurturing a fascination for the beauty of French as a foreign language by focusing on effective, caring and inclusive teaching that guarantees quality learning and communication in the long term.