Apurva SHINDEDIGITRAINING, PROS4DEMOCRACY, Representative of active members, Researcher, Searcher, Technician

Interest : Health & wellbeing, Education, Vocational Skill Development (VET), Environment, Livelihood & sustainability Skills: Coordinating / Managing Erasmus projects, strong & Diplomatic communication; Program implementation, Research , Technical & Creative skills of using Canva, liaison and advocacy Motivation: I believe in diversity, cross functional collaboration between different countries empowering each other with integrity. Hence … Continue reading Apurva SHINDE

phandi : call for participation partners meeting in Marseille!

The PHANDI (Perform HANdicap Digital Inclusion) project aims to create and test an easy-to-access psychological first aid kit for actors (not health professionals) likely to offer initial support and guidance to people in a situation of psychological suffering. This kit will consist of : a general introduction specifying the principles of an initial psychological intake … Continue reading phandi : call for participation partners meeting in Marseille!

Saiveth HERNANDEZCOOPCARE, Representative of sympathizers, Sympathizer member

Interest: Mental and Physical wellbeing, AI and Machine Learning Skills : Research, IT and Tech skills, Organizational skills ,Support and tutoring , Educational engineering Motivation: I was always interested in healthcare, mental and physical wellbeing. When i got to know about this organization’s values, vision and mission, i wanted to participate and contribute towards them. … Continue reading Saiveth HERNANDEZ

Benoit MARTIMORTECORASMUS, Sympathizer member, Trainer

Interest : Environment, climate, biodiversity, SDGs., Integrate strategic SDGs and sustainability Skills: Trainer, Researcher, Strategic Management , collective intelligence, designing workshop, developing pedagogy Motivation: I believe in that values of the organization are the pillar or foundation. Henceforth, integrating environmental, societal and intercultural values through Strategic development, collaboration and spreading nonviolence communication awareness in the … Continue reading Benoit MARTIMORT

Didier PLANActive member, ECORASMUS, Graphic designer, Illustrator, PROS4DEMOCRACY, Trainer

Interests: working with children; Graphic design and teaching digital illustration; inking, financial or account management Skills : Graphic design and digital illustration; Printing , editing, composition skills, Support and tutoring · Educational engineering · Project management Motivation: All three values are interconnected, including environmental, social, and intercultural values, which motivates me to contribute to this … Continue reading Didier PLAN

digitraining : French practices encouraging home care

In conjunction with our partners, we have made an inventory of home-based activities that encourage home support in France A selection of ten of them was the subject of a detailed presentation (audiences, implementation methods, benefits, etc.) on the following themes : cardiac coherence guided meditation (mindfulness) senior yoga indoor walking outdoor walking hand massage … Continue reading digitraining : French practices encouraging home care

Almudena GONZALEZActive member, NUTCRACKER, Partner, Project manager, Searcher

Interest: Working with children & youth on Skill Development i.e. life skills, education, developing life skills, civic engagement and spreading democratic values , and supporting people to assist in generating livelihood opportunities. Skills : Training , Coordination and Management of the Erasmus projects , proposal writing , research,  Motivation: I always wanted to  get involved … Continue reading Almudena GONZALEZ