digitraining: dissemination events and sustainability of the project

The Digitraining project was presented to around thirty participants representing the associative world on February 7 during the Blabl’Asso meeting organized by the Maison des Associations de Marseille Flyers were also posted and mailed in four hundred copies to the target audiences of the operation (social partners, community project leaders, teachers and the general public) … Continue reading digitraining: dissemination events and sustainability of the project

digitraining: dissemination events and sustainability of the project

Paysage(s) [2008-2012] – Landschaft(en): Intercultural reading of landscapes

Cycle de rencontres interculturelles franco allemandes pour pédagogues et jeunes adultes Entre septembre 2008 et mars 2012, les Graphistes de l’Ombre ont initié un cycle de rencontres associant la Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule et des écoles françaises de Graphisme (Axe Sud, IPSAA-ESDAC, AMTV). Le thème générique du paysage, perçu à la fois comme un motif classique … Continue reading Paysage(s) [2008-2012] – Landschaft(en): Intercultural reading of landscapes

Paysage(s)  [2008-2012] – Landschaft(en): Intercultural reading of landscapes

Apurva SHINDEDIGITRAINING, PROS4DEMOCRACY, Representative of active members, Researcher, Searcher, Technician

Interest : Health & wellbeing, Education, Vocational Skill Development (VET), Environment, Livelihood & sustainability Skills: Coordinating / Managing Erasmus projects, strong & Diplomatic communication; Program implementation, Research , Technical & Creative skills of using Canva, liaison and advocacy Motivation: I believe in diversity, cross functional collaboration between different countries empowering each other with integrity. Hence … Continue reading Apurva SHINDE


phandi : call for participation partners meeting in Marseille!

The PHANDI (Perform HANdicap Digital Inclusion) project aims to create and test an easy-to-access psychological first aid kit for actors (not health professionals) likely to offer initial support and guidance to people in a situation of psychological suffering. This kit will consist of : a general introduction specifying the principles of an initial psychological intake … Continue reading phandi : call for participation partners meeting in Marseille!

phandi : call for participation partners meeting in Marseille!

Saiveth HERNANDEZCOOPCARE, Representative of sympathizers, Sympathizer member

Interest: Mental and Physical wellbeing, AI and Machine Learning Skills : Research, IT and Tech skills, Organizational skills ,Support and tutoring , Educational engineering Motivation: I was always interested in healthcare, mental and physical wellbeing. When i got to know about this organization’s values, vision and mission, i wanted to participate and contribute towards them. … Continue reading Saiveth HERNANDEZ


Benoit MARTIMORTECORASMUS, Sympathizer member, Trainer

Interest : Environment, climate, biodiversity, SDGs., Integrate strategic SDGs and sustainability Skills: Trainer, Researcher, Strategic Management , collective intelligence, designing workshop, developing pedagogy Motivation: I believe in that values of the organization are the pillar or foundation. Henceforth, integrating environmental, societal and intercultural values through Strategic development, collaboration and spreading nonviolence communication awareness in the … Continue reading Benoit MARTIMORT


Didier PLANActive member, ECORASMUS, Graphic designer, Illustrator, PROS4DEMOCRACY, Trainer

Interests: working with children; Graphic design and teaching digital illustration; inking, financial or account management Skills : Graphic design and digital illustration; Printing , editing, composition skills, Support and tutoring · Educational engineering · Project management Motivation: All three values are interconnected, including environmental, social, and intercultural values, which motivates me to contribute to this … Continue reading Didier PLAN

Didier PLAN

Almudena GONZALEZActive member, NUTCRACKER, Partner, Project manager, Searcher

Interest: Working with children & youth on Skill Development i.e. life skills, education, developing life skills, civic engagement and spreading democratic values , and supporting people to assist in generating livelihood opportunities. Skills : Training , Coordination and Management of the Erasmus projects , proposal writing , research,  Motivation: I always wanted to  get involved … Continue reading Almudena GONZALEZ